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The Advocate is – along with Out – the premiere national source for news about the gay and lesbian community. Michael Giltz’s work for The Advocate has ranged widely from interviews with out soldiers in the UK to pieces on the new Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams. He’s done major entertainment stories for The Advocate, including working on their annual Oscar cover feature, major pieces on landmark films like “The Hours” and “Boys Don’t Cry” and “A Beautiful Mind,” the coming out story of T. R. Knight from TV’s “Grey’s Anatomy” and news-making interviews with figures like Bill O’Reilly, as well as sporadic film and TV and theater reviews and annual coverage of the Cannes Film Festival. He’s gone on set in New Orleans to interview Ewan McGregor and Jim Carrey and flown to London to visit the home of UK pop star Darren Hayes. For The Advocate, he’s interviewed Broadway legends like Nathan Lane and Chita Rivera, movie stars like Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman, directors like Ron Howard, and authors like Armistead Maupin of “Tales Of The City” and Pulitzer Prize winner Michael Cunningham.

Advocate Letter To Editor re Gay Conservatives feature, 3-1-1991
Activists, 4-17-1999
Midnight In The Garden Of Good and Evil Lady Chablis feature, 4-27-1999
John Benjamin Hickey, 5-6-1999
Aaron Copland bio by Howard Pollack, 5-11-1999
Stephen Fry and Simon Callow memoirs, 6-8-1999
Shyam Selvadurai author Cinnamon Gardens, 6-22-1999
Mark Doty poet feature, 9-1-1999
Jake Arnott author Long Firm feature, 9-28-1999
Peter Sarsgaard Boys Dont Cry feature, 10-1-1999
Women We Love, 11-23-1999
Women We Love Elizabeth Taylor Elizabeth Dole feature003, 11-23-1999
Women We Love Madeleine Albright feature002, 11-23-1999
Women We Love Whoopi Goldberg Oprah Winfrey feature004, 11-23-1999
Ally Sheedy Hedwig, 12-1-1999
Boys Dont Cry, 3-28-2000
Gays in military UK ban ends feature, 4-25-2000
Queer As Folk Russell T Davies, 4-25-2000
Cannes 2000 Advocate roundup 2000 feature, 7-4-2000
Cannes 2000 roundup 2000 feature, 7-4-2000
Cannes Advocate roundup 2000 feature, 7-4-2000
Authority comic book gay heroes feature, 7-18-2000
Gay Trailblazers feature, 8-15-2000
Rhona Cameron UK comic, 9-12-2000
Barbara Gaines producer David Letterman feature, 9-26-2000
Live Nude Girls Unite feature, 9-26-2000
Puppeteer Ronnie Burkett, 10-24-2000
Kyra Sedgwick feature, 11-21-2000
Graham Norton, 3-13-2001
Janis Joplin musical feature, 5-8-2001
Rufus Wainwright poses feature, 5-8-2001
Oscar Wilde on auction feature, 6-19-2001
Natalie Wood bio feature, 7-17-2001
Gay clowns feature, 8-14-2001
Deep End feature, 8-28-2001
Eddie De Oliveira playwright feature, 8-28-2001
Trembling Before G d, 10-23-2001
Edward Hibbert feature, 12-25-2001
Robert Sabuda James Howe, 12-25-2001
British Queer TV, 2-5-2002
Drift feature, 3-5-2002
Beautiful Mind, 4-7-2002
Will Young Pop Idol controversy feature, 4-30-2002
Cannes 2002 Roundup, 5-7-2002
Cannes Roundup, 5-7-2002
We Will Rock You musical feature, 7-9-2002
Bill OReilly, 9-17-2002
Dr Phil feature, 10-1-2002
His Secret Life feature, 10-1-2002
Chicago oral history, 12-24-2002
Royal scandal, 12-24-2002
Archbishop of Canterbury, 1-21-2003
Will and Grace boyfriend, 2-18-2003
The Hours, 3-18-2003
Will Young Pop Idol winner update feature, 3-18-2003
Will and Grace boyfriend letters feature, 3-18-2003
Radiant Baby, 4-15-2003
Def Poetry Jam Staceyann Chin, 4-29-2003
X2 Rebecca Romijn Stamos, 4-29-2003
Jamie ONeill, 5-23-2003
Gay summer movie preview, 5-27-2003
Elephant feature, 7-8-2003
Avenue Q, 7-22-2003
Queer Eye, 9-2-2003
Rufus Wainwright want one, 10-14-2003
Christopher Bram book review, 10-28-2003
Taboo Boy George, 10-28-2003
Jerry Springer The Opera, 11-25-2003
Celine Dion towers over the Vegas Strip, 11-27-2003
Angels in America Patrick Wilson feature, 12-9-2003
Angels in America Tony Kushner feature, 12-9-2003
Big Fish Bruce Cohen Dan Jinks, 12-9-2003
Taboo costumes feature, 1-20-2004
Taboo designer Mike Nicholls, 1-20-2004
Lisa Kron Well, 4-13-2004
American Idol anti gay Carla Hay, 5-11-2004
Audio book Ginsberg Auden Ohara, 5-11-2004
Caroline Or Change Tony Kushner Tonya Pinkins, 5-11-2004
Avenue Q John Tartaglia, 5-25-2004
Normal Heart Raul Esparza Billy Warlock, 5-25-2004
Colm Toibin Henry James, 6-8-2004
Cannes 2004 Recap Bad Education Delovely Tarnation, 7-6-2004
Home At The End Of The World Michael Mayer Cunningham, 8-17-2004
Degaying Hollywood Frank Rich Mark Merlis Eric Shanower Laura Foreman James Schamus, 9-14-2004
Fall Movie Preview, 9-14-2004
Broadway The American Musical, 10-26-2004
Rupert Everett Stage Beauty, 11-9-2004
Rufus Wainwright Want Two CD, 11-23-2004
BD Wong Pacific Overtures, 12-7-2004
Gary Beach La Cage Aux Folles, 12-7-2004
Eric Millegan, 2-1-2005
Steel Magnolias Jason Moore, 4-12-2005
Craig Lucas Dying Gaul, 4-26-2005
Emile Griffith Dan Klores boxer, 4-26-2005
Christopher Sieber Spamalot, 5-10-2005
Summer Movie Preview, 5-24-2005
Tracey Ullman Live n Exposed, 5-24-2005
Summer Book Preview, 6-7-2005
Cannes 2005 recap Van Sant Francois Ozon Almodovar Atom Egoyan, 7-5-2005
Billy Elliot musical review, 7-19-2005
Scott Pomfret Whittier Hot Sauce, 8-16-2005
Fall Movie Preview, 9-13-2005
John Tartaglia Avenue Q Vegas Johnny Sprites, 9-13-2005
Capote review, 10-11-2005
Catherine Keener Capote 40 Year Old Virgin, 10-25-2005
Rent movie Anthony Rapp Idina Menzel Wilson Jermaine Heredia, 11-8-2005
Cillian Murphy Breakfast On Pluto, 11-22-2005
sports Yankees gay taunts, 11-22-2005
Lesley Gore, 1-17-2006
Nathan Lane, 1-17-2006
Chita Rivera, 2-14-2006
Capote Transamerica Breakfast On Pluto, 2-28-2006
Fall Movie Preview, 9-12-2006
Alan Ball play, 3-13-2007
Farley Granger, 3-27-2007
Renee Richards Billie Jean King, 3-27-2007
Darren Hayes, 4-24-2007
MacDowell Colony, 5-8-2007
Styx Chuck Panozzo, 5-22-2007
Cannes 2007 Part 1, 5-27-2007
Cannes 2007 Part 2, 5-27-2007
Cannes 2007 Part 3, 5-27-2007
Cannes 2007 Part 4, 5-27-2007
Cannes 2007 Part 5, 5-27-2007
Cannes 2007 Part 6, 5-27-2007
Cannes 2007 Part 7, 5-27-2007
TR Knight, 6-19-2007
Cate Blanchett, 11-20-2007
Cannes 2008 Day Ten New York Teaching Kids And Some Bad Magic, 5-23-2008
Felicia Pearson Wire, 2-26-2008
B52s, 3-25-2008
Water Lilies Director Celine Sciamma, 4-4-2008
Cannes 2008 Day One Panda Attack, 5-17-2008
Cannes 2008 Day One Welcome To Cannes, 5-17-2008
Cannes 2008 Day Three Woody Allen Mike Tyson And The Rumba, 5-18-2008
Cannes 2008 Day Two Women In Prison, 5-18-2008
Cannes 2008 Day Five Indiana Jones Arrives, 5-19-2008
Cannes 2008 Day Four Brazil, 5-19-2008
Cannes 2008 Day Six Belgians Brits And Joaquin Phoenix, 5-20-2008
Cannes 2008 Day Eight Day Of Che, 5-21-2008
Cannes 2008 Day Seven Clint Angelina Jolie And The Disappeared, 5-21-2008
Cannes 2008 Day Nine Suicidal Love Trains Italian Politics And A Girl And Her Dog, 5-22-2008
Cannes 2008 Day Eleven Noodle Westerns, 5-24-2008
Cannes 2008 Wrapup, 5-24-2008
Jim Carrey Ewan McGregor Phillip Morris, 9-23-2008
Cannes 2009 Yes We Cannes Wrapup, 5-27-2009
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