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The Independent Florida Alligator Archive

The Independent Florida Alligator is the college newspaper for the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. It’s the largest student-run newspaper in the country and is completely independent of the university. Michael Giltz worked for the newspaper at various time as a writer, a columnist, editor of the opinions page and editor of the weekly entertainment section. Ultimately, Giltz was the editor of the entire newspaper, overseeing a staff of about 60 people and a substantial six figure budget. As a writer for The Alligator, Giltz received the Rolling Stone college journalism award for the best entertainment writing of the year thanks to a profile of composer Philip Glass. That clip, naturally, was a staple of his portfolio for years but now is lost even though he made more photocopies of that story than any other he ever wrote. Go figure.

Geraldine Ferraro letter to editor, 8-24-1984
Springsteen first music video feature, 9-7-1984
TV commercials, 9-21-1984
Barbra Streisand Emotions review, 10-12-1984
Doonesbury Returns, 10-12-1984
Culture Club Waking Up review, 11-2-1984
Music 1985 year in review, 1-11-1985
Bernhard Goetz opinion column, 1-18-1985
Subway chain feature, 1-18-1985
American Music Awards review, 2-1-1985
Daniel J Boortsin review, 2-22-1985
Top 40 Hits, 2-22-1985
Phil Collins No Jacket review, 3-1-1985
Breakfast Club Vision Quest Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack, 3-8-1985
William F Buckley review, 3-29-1985
Chess Kenny Loggins review, 4-12-1985
Stop Making Sense Ladyhawke, 4-19-1985
Blood Simple Lost in America Company of Wolves review, 4-26-1985
Coffeehouse musicians, 9-1-1985
Nicaragua letter to the editor, 9-11-1985
After Hours review, 9-20-1985
Agnes of God review, 10-4-1985
Kiss Of The Spider Woman movie review, 10-4-1985
Gay bigotry opinion column, 10-11-1985
Jagged Edge review, 10-11-1985
Flash Of Green review, 10-18-1985
Victor Nunez Flash Of Green, 10-18-1985
Book versus movie feature, 10-25-1985
On Golden Pond play review, 10-25-1985
Plenty review, 10-25-1985
Better Off Dead review, 11-1-1985
Real Thing review, 11-1-1985
Bring On the Night That Was Then, 11-15-1985
Once Bitten review, 11-22-1985
To Live And Die In LA review, 11-22-1985
Santa Claus One Magic Christmas review, 11-30-1985
Rocky IV review, 12-4-1985
Barbra Streisand Broadway Album review, 1-10-1986
Color Purple Ran Out Of Africa Enemy Mine Twice In A Lifetime Clue, 1-10-1986
Movies 1985 Top 10 Black Moon Rising review, 1-17-1986
Runaway Train Iron Eagle review, 1-24-1986
Brazil review, 2-14-1986
Dance With A Stranger Power Down And Out In Beverly Hills review, 2-14-1986
FX Wildcats Quicksilver review, 2-21-1986
Peter Taylor feature, 2-21-1986
Hitcher review, 2-28-1986
Hannah And Her Sisters review, 3-7-1986
Pretty In Pink review, 3-7-1986
Highlander review, 3-14-1986
Oscar 1986 preview feature, 3-14-1986
Gung Ho review, 3-21-1986
Crossroads review, 4-4-1986
Trip To Bountiful review, 4-4-1986
Just Between Friends Police Academy III Rad review, 4-11-1986
Money Pit review, 4-11-1986
Skeeters review, 4-11-1986
Room With A View Trouble In Mind review, 4-25-1986
Student group funding opinion column, 4-25-1986
Soviet totalitarianism column feature, 8-22-1986
HMS Pinafore review, 8-29-1986
Manhunter review, 8-29-1986
Latin American opinion, 9-1-1986
Apartheid opinion column, 9-4-1986
Apartheid opinion column my response, 9-11-1986
Paul Simon Graceland review, 9-12-1986
Boy Who Could Fly review, 9-19-1986
Chorus Line play review, 9-19-1986
Extremeties review, 9-26-1986
Jim Belushi, 9-26-1986
Crocodile Dundee review, 10-3-1986
Bill Nelson Blue Wing review, 10-10-1986
Extremeties feature, 10-17-1986
Peggy Sue Got Married review, 10-17-1986
Children Of A Lesser God Jumpin Jack Flash review, 10-24-1986
Soul Man review, 10-31-1986
Sky Bandits review, 11-7-1986
Carousel feature, 11-14-1986
An American Tail movie review, 11-28-1986
52 Pickup Tai Pan movie review, 12-5-1986
Heartbreak Ridge movie review, 12-5-1986
Heartbreak Ridge review, 12-5-1986
Mosquito Coast The movie review, 1-9-1987
Orphans theater review, 1-16-1987
Bedroom Window The movie review, 1-23-1987
Bruce Springsteen Live 1975 1985 music review, 1-23-1987
Bruce Springsteen Live 1975 1985 review, 1-23-1987
Cinderella play review, 1-23-1987
Cinderella theater review, 1-23-1987
Movies best of 1986 feature, 1-23-1987
Oscar preview, 2-1-1987
Light Of Day movie review, 2-14-1987
Amerika Alligator editorial feature, 2-16-1987
Amerika Alligator editorial my response feature, 2-23-1987
Radio Days movie review, 2-28-1987
Angel Heart movie review, 3-13-1987
Hotel Colonial feature, 3-20-1987
Ishtar movie review, 3-27-1987
Raising Arizona movie review, 3-27-1987
Dave Marsh Springsteen feature, 6-25-1987
Rivers Edge Tim Hunter, 7-2-1987
Rivers Edge movie review, 7-2-1987
Adventures In Babysitting Dragnet, 7-8-1987
Full Metal Jacket Roxanne movie review, 7-16-1987
Innerspace Adventures In Babysitting Dragnet movie review, 7-16-1987
Cant Buy Me Love movie review, 7-23-1987
Big Easy The movie review, 8-28-1987
Buffys Cookbook feature, 8-28-1987
Oliver North Applause ad feature, 8-28-1987
Local playwrights feature, 9-4-1987
Florida Players feature, 9-11-1987
Jay Leno, 10-1-1987
Moral jello editorial, 10-1-1987
Princess Bride The movie review, 10-15-1987
Van Morrison Poetic Champions Compose music review, 11-12-1987
Steve Martin Planes Trains advance feature, 11-18-1987
Planes Trains Automobiles, 11-25-1987
Steve Martin Planes Trains, 11-25-1987
AIDS UK quote, 12-1-1987
Movies best of 1987, 1-1-1988
Music best of 1987 feature, 1-28-1988
Therese movie review, 1-28-1988
Applause missing feature, 3-2-1988
Apartheid, 3-9-1988
Unbearable Lightness Of Being Biloxi Blues, 4-1-1988
Rambo III movie review, 6-2-1988
Star Wars trilogy at Reitz ad feature, 6-2-1988
Willow movie review, 6-2-1988
A Fish Called Wanda movie review, 7-22-1988
US social agenda column feature, 7-29-1988
Free speech column feature, 8-5-1988
Brian Wilson debut music review, 8-9-1988
Bush Dukakais election column feature, 8-10-1988
Tucker movie review, 8-19-1988
Bush Dukakis campaign column feature, 8-24-1988
Betrayed movie review, 8-26-1988
Last Temptation Of Christ The movie review, 8-26-1988
Bush Dukakis debate column feature, 9-10-1988
As Is theater review, 9-17-1988
Dukakis should embrace liberalism column feature, 9-17-1988
John Hiatt Slow Turning review, 9-27-1988
Mikhail Gorbachev column feature, 9-27-1988
Bob Dylan advance feature, 10-4-1988
Hothouse Flowers People music review, 10-4-1988
Bush Dukakis on issues column feature, 10-10-1988
Imagine John Lennon movie review, 10-14-1988
Recession natural column feature, 10-15-1988
First editorial column feature, 10-24-1988
Opinion editor column feature, 10-24-1988
Race religion Bush election column feature, 10-25-1988
Rolling Stone award feature, 10-26-1988
Rolling Stone award press release feature, 10-26-1988
Beached whales column feature, 10-28-1988
Vincent Donofrio Mystic Pizza, 10-28-1988
U2 Rattle and Hum music review, 11-1-1988
Foreign policy column feature, 11-7-1988
Lessons of Bush victory column feature, 11-14-1988
Movies best of 1988, 1-1-1989
Music best of 1988 feature, 1-14-1989
Martin Short, 1-25-1989
Reitz Union movie club feature, 2-9-1989
Dangerous Liaisons Cousins True Believer, 2-23-1989
Chances Are movie review, 3-16-1989
New York Stories movie review, 3-16-1989
Field Of Dreams movie review, 5-18-1989
Movie summer preview 1989, 5-25-1989
Dead Poets Society movie review, 6-8-1989
Batman movie review, 7-6-1989
Music midyear best of 1989 music review, 7-6-1989
Movie summer box office 1989 sets record, 8-3-1989
Parenthood movie review, 8-10-1989
Movies best of 1989, 1-1-1990
Music best of 1989, 1-1-1990
Always movie review, 1-12-1990
Music best of 80s music review, 1-12-1990
Driving Miss Daisy movie review, 1-26-1990
Tremors movie review, 1-26-1990
Queen Of Hearts movie review, 2-1-1990
Men Dont Leave movie review, 3-2-1990
Hunt For Red October The movie review, 3-9-1990
Bad Influence movie review, 3-16-1990
My Left Foot movie review, 3-16-1990
Everything But The Girl Language Of Life music review, 3-23-1990
Henry V Pretty Woman movie review, 3-23-1990
Cry Baby movie review, 4-13-1990
I Love You To Death movie review, 4-13-1990
Lord Of The Flies 1990 movie review, 4-13-1990
Twin Peaks pilot review, 4-16-1990
Miami Blues movie review, 4-27-1990
Dick Tracy music, 5-23-1990
Cadillac Man movie review, 5-25-1990
Firebirds movie review, 6-1-1990
World Party Goodbye Jumbo music review, 6-12-1990
Movie summer sleepers 1990, 7-13-1990
Quick Change movie review, 7-20-1990
Presumed Innocent movie review, 8-3-1990
Flatliners movie review, 8-30-1990
Neville Brothers Brothers Keeper music review, 8-30-1990
Prince Graffiti Bridge music review, 8-30-1990
Darkman movie review, 9-13-1990
Indestructible Beat Of Soweto Vol 3 music review, 9-13-1990
Los Lobos The Neighborhood music review, 9-20-1990
Pump Up The Volume movie review, 9-20-1990
George Michael Listen Without Prejudice music review, 9-27-1990
Longtime Companion movie review, 9-27-1990
Paul Simon Rhythm Of The Saints music review, 10-25-1990
Cole Porter Tribute Red Hot And Blue music review, 11-15-1990
Dances With Wolves Mermaids The Russia House Edward Scissorhands movie review, 1-10-1991
TV 1990 fall wrapup feature, 1-10-1991
Jesus Of Montreal movie review, 1-24-1991
Grifters movie review, 1-31-1991
Once Around movie review, 2-7-1991
LA Story movie review, 2-14-1991
Joni Mitchell Night Ride Home music review, 3-28-1991
Shirley Horn You Wont Forget Me Frank Morgan Lovesome Thing music review, 3-28-1991
Van Morrison Bang Masters music review, 3-28-1991
Tune In Tomorrow movie review, 4-4-1991