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The Entertainment Weekly Archive

Michael Giltz contributed to “Entertainment Weekly” for a number of years as both a critic and feature writer. He did numerous book reviews, became the magazine’s first – and for a while only – DVD reviewer and interviewed everyone from author JK Rowling to Grammy-winning musician Duncan Sheik and TV star Bill Maher.

Virtually Normal by Andrew Sullivan book review, 9-15-1995
An Unquiet Mind by Kay Redfield Jamison book review, 9-29-1995
Enigma by Robert Harris book review, 10-20-1995
Mulching Of America by Harry Crews book review, 11-17-1995
David Brinkley memoir book review, 11-24-1995
Lighthouse At The End Of The World The by Stephen Marlowe book review, 12-15-1995
Orson Welles bio bySimon Callow book review, 12-15-1995
Grey Area by Will Self book review, 1-26-1996
Paul Watkins author feature, 1-26-1996
After Hannibal by Barry Unsworth book review, 2-2-1996
WC Fields bio by Simon Louvish book review, 2-9-1996
Bert Fershners comedy troupe feature, 8-9-1996
Bill Maher feature, 11-1-1996
Duncan Sheik feature, 3-28-1997
Speed Racer Guide by Elizabeth Moran book review, 10-1-1997
Karl Malden bio book review, 11-1-1997
Numbered Account by Christopher Reich book review, 1-23-1998
Laser disc vs DVD feature, 2-6-1998
DVD commentary tracks feature, 3-20-1998
Rollerball DVD commentary track feature, 4-3-1998
An Ocean In Iowa by Peter Hedges book review, 4-10-1998
Nosferatu by Jim Shepard book review, 4-17-1998
Mortal Kombat Annihilation DVD review, 5-1-1998
12 Monkeys DVD review, 5-8-1998
Surf Nazis Must Die DVD review, 5-15-1998
Cabaret DVD review, 5-22-1998
Jerusalem movie review, 5-29-1998
Wargames DVD review, 5-29-1998
Paramount begins DVD sales LA Confidential mastering problems feature, 6-5-1998
Walkabout DVD review, 6-5-1998
Psycho DVD review, 6-12-1998
Short Cinema Journal 1 3 DVD review, 7-1-1998
On Golden Pond DVD review, 7-17-1998
Silence Of The Lambs DVD review, 7-31-1998
Head DVD review, 8-7-1998
Wag The Dog DVD review, 8-14-1998
Prime Suspect 1 and 2 DVD review, 8-28-1998
Its A Wonderful Life DVD review, 9-11-1998
Blues Brothers The DVD review, 9-18-1998
DVDs Here to Stay, 9-25-1998
Bill Clinton video sales feature, 10-1-1998
DVD Price Gouging feature, 10-9-1998
Lost In Space 1998 DVD review, 10-9-1998
First Blood Rambo DVD review, 11-6-1998
Midnight Express DVD review, 11-13-1998
DVD sales online feature, 11-20-1998
Young Frankenstein DVD review, 11-20-1998
Dances With Wolves DVD review, 11-27-1998
From The Earth To The Moon DVD review, 12-4-1998
I Will Bear Witness by Victor Klemperer book review, 12-4-1998
Ghostbusters on DVD feature, 7-2-1999
DVD competitor Divx dead feature, 7-9-1999
Harry Potter JK Rowling feature, 7-9-1999
Precode Hollywood DVD review, 7-9-1999
Titanic on DVD feature, 7-11-1999