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Michael Giltz was invited to contribute to Huffington Post by its editors and has become one of their most prolific contributors. Beginning with the occasional pop culture blog, he’s expanded into a weekly DVD review column; prominent and popular coverage of “American Idol;” sports features on everything from Olympic gymnastics to bull-riding; political opinion pieces; and reviews and features on theater, film, TV and other areas of entertainment.

New York Times iPhone Music Video Goes One Step Too Far, 7-6-2007
DVDs Huffing and Puffing Over DVDs, 7-17-2007
DVDs Undermining Expectations, 7-24-2007
Music Prince Is Right Stuff Gotta Be Free, 7-27-2007
Movies Is 300 a Vile Racist Diatribe or Harmless Fun, 7-31-2007
Music Desert Island Discs Marooned Again, 8-3-2007
DVDs Was Elvis the King When it Came to Movies, 8-7-2007
DVDs Is Ryan Gosling the Next Brando, 8-14-2007
TV High School Musical 2 The Biggest Pop Cultural Event in History, 8-16-2007
DVDs Despair Triumphs at the Movies, 8-21-2007
DVDs Why You Must Watch Friday Night Lights, 8-28-2007
Sports How to Fix Tennis, 8-31-2007
DVDs Can a Movie Change Your Mind, 9-5-2007
Politics Is Abu Dhabi the New Sun City, 9-27-2007
DVDs Hidden Treasures, 10-2-2007
Books Why Buy Stephen Colberts Book Once When You Can Buy It Three Times, 10-5-2007
DVDs Is Steve Carell A Movie Star, 10-9-2007
DVDs Can Someone Save Hilary Swank From Herself, 10-16-2007
DVDs Godards Biggest Mistake, 10-23-2007
Books Good Grief Celebrating Peanuts, 10-29-2007
DVDs My So Called Twin Peaks Boxed Set, 10-30-2007
DVDs Tasty Ratatouille, 11-6-2007
DVDs Bigger Is Better, 11-13-2007
Books Defending The Golden Compass, 11-16-2007
DVDs Hitchcocks Best Movie, 11-20-2007
DVDs Man From UNCLE, 11-28-2007
DVDs Big Lie of Saturday Night Live, 12-4-2007
Sports Mitchell Report America Loves Cheaters, 12-12-2007
DVDs Harry Potter Sees The Future, 12-14-2007
Sports Baseball Andy Pettittes Half Assed Apology, 12-16-2007
DVDs Its A Wonderful Life Again, 12-19-2007
DVDs Best DVDs of 2007, 1-7-2008
DVDs Royle Family A Classic Britcom, 1-16-2008
American Idol 7 Auditions Week Two, 1-23-2008
American Idol 7 Week Two Pt 2, 1-24-2008
DVDs Why Not Remake Citizen Kane, 1-24-2008
American Idol 7 Week Three Omaha, 1-29-2008
American Idol 7 Week Three Miami, 1-31-2008
DVDs Cover up Of The Assassination of Jesse James, 2-4-2008
American Idol 7 Week Four Atlanta, 2-5-2008
American Idol 7 Audition Finale, 2-6-2008
Music Alternate Grammys The Best CDs of 2007, 2-8-2008
American Idol 7 Hollywood Day One, 2-13-2008
American Idol 7 Hollywood The Final 24 Chosen, 2-13-2008
DVDs 1939 The Best Year For Movies Ever, 2-15-2008
Sports Baseball Andy Pettitte Fails to Take Responsibility, 2-18-2008
American Idol 7 Top 24 The Men, 2-20-2008
American Idol 7 Top 24 The Results, 2-21-2008
American Idol 7 Top 24 The Women, 2-21-2008
DVDs Long Live BluRay, 2-24-2008
American Idol 7 Top 20 The Men, 2-27-2008
American Idol 7 Top 20 The Women, 2-28-2008
American Idol 7 Top 20 The Results Show, 2-29-2008
Sports Gymnastics Tyson American Cup Preview, 2-29-2008
Sports Gymnastics Results at Madison Square Garden, 3-1-2008
DVDs Last Last Emperor, 3-3-2008
American Idol 7 Top 16 The Men, 3-4-2008
American Idol 7 Top 16 The Women, 3-5-2008
American Idol 7 Top 16 The Results, 3-6-2008
American Idol 7 Top 12 The Beatles, 3-12-2008
DVDs A Perfect Movie Going Experience, 3-17-2008
American Idol 7 Top 11 The Beatles, 3-19-2008
American Idol 7 Top 11 The Results, 3-20-2008
DVDs Good Greek, 3-25-2008
American Idol 7 Top 10 The Results, 3-26-2008
New York Times Cutting Staff But Making Movies, 3-28-2008
DVDs Is Tim Burton Any Good, 3-31-2008
American Idol 7 Top 9 The Results, 4-2-2008
American Idol 7 Top 8 Inspirational Song Night, 4-9-2008
American Idol 7 Shout to the Lord Controversy and Results, 4-10-2008
American Idol 7 Top 12 The Results, 4-13-2008
DVDs Second Thoughts, 4-14-2008
American Idol 7 Top 7 The Results, 4-16-2008
DVDs Friday Night Lights Fights, 4-21-2008
American Idol 7 Top 6 Andrew Lloyd Webber, 4-23-2008
American Idol 7 Top 5 The Results, 4-30-2008
DVDs Red Balloon Vs White Mane, 5-6-2008
American Idol 7 Top 4 Jasons Last Bow, 5-7-2008
American Idol 7 Top 3 David Vs David, 5-14-2008
American Idol 7 Finals David Wins It All, 5-21-2008
DVDs Can Shia LaBeouf Play Indy, 6-3-2008
Movies RFK Must Die A Chat With Filmmaker Shane OSullivan, 6-9-2008
DVDs What Happened To The Boondocks, 6-11-2008
DVDs Abortion Movie, 6-18-2008
DVDs TV Show Boxed Set Rip Offs, 6-25-2008
Theater Art London Calling, 6-26-2008
DVDs My Blueberry Nights What Went Wrong Wong, 7-2-2008
DVDs A Stop Loss on Iraq War Movies, 7-11-2008
DVDs TVs Dallas Calls For A Do Over, 7-17-2008
Movies Dark Knight Mania It Aint Heath Its The Batman, 7-21-2008
DVDs 21 The Latest Stealth Hit Movie, 7-25-2008
TV Defending Brideshead While Attacking the Media, 8-1-2008
DVDs Scorsese Falls Short Of Scorsese, 8-4-2008
Theater Hair In Central Park, 8-8-2008
DVDs Leave Star Trek Alone, 8-9-2008
DVDs How To Watch The Wire, 8-15-2008
Sports Gymnastics God And Man At The Olympics, 8-21-2008
DVDs What Actor Should Play Obama, 8-29-2008
DVDs Dont Miss Eli Stone and Pushing Daisies, 9-5-2008
DVDs What Happened To Greys Anatomy, 9-12-2008
DVDs Did TVs Will Grace Neuter Gays, 9-23-2008
Theater Tempest Brews Off Broadway, 9-25-2008
DVDs Even George Clooneys Flops Are Cool, 9-30-2008
Theater Fifty Words and That Other Womans Child, 10-6-2008
DVDs Its Tina Feys World, 10-10-2008
Theater Campbell Scott in The Atheist and Christine Lahti in A Body Of Water, 10-16-2008
DVDs Battling The Indiana Jones Effect, 10-17-2008
Sports Next Big Breakout Sport Bull, 10-24-2008
DVDs Man In Black Is Back, 10-25-2008
Music Joan Baez on Barack Obama It feels like King, 10-27-2008
DVDs Down With Bulky And Awkward DVD Boxed Sets, 10-31-2008
DVDs Hello Fraggle Rock, 11-11-2008
Politics Obamas Win and the Ten Lies The Right Is Spreading About It, 11-12-2008
DVDs WallE Vs Panda Death Match, 11-18-2008
Theater Music Sleepwalking Seafaring and Scaggs, 11-19-2008
DVDs Werner Herzogs Peripatetic Career, 11-21-2008
Politics Swingers The New Voting Bloc That Could Change Politics Forever, 12-1-2008
DVDs Ron Howard Vs Ron Howard, 12-5-2008
Music Exclusive Labelles Nona Hendryx Speaks On Their Reunion, 12-15-2008
DVDs Holiday DVD Roundup, 12-16-2008
Theater Exclusive South Pacifics David Pittsinger Speaks Out, 12-19-2008
DVDs Rest Of The Year, 12-24-2008
DVDs How And Why You Should Switch To BluRay, 1-2-2009
Politics Obamas Latest Dumb Pick TV Doc Sanjay Gupta, 1-7-2009
DVDs To BluRay Or Not To BluRay, 1-9-2009
TV Secret Success Creator Brenda Hampton Gets The Last Laugh, 1-12-2009
American Idol 8 Returns Phoenix, 1-14-2009
American Idol 8 Ratings Rise For Kansas City, 1-15-2009
DVDs What Should Obama Watch, 1-20-2009
American Idol 8 San Fran and Louisville, 1-22-2009
American Idol 8 Hollywood Week Ratings Down But Strong, 2-4-2009
American Idol 8 Hollywood Week Day Two Ratings Grow, 2-5-2009
DVDs Practically Perfect Mary Poppins, 2-6-2009
American Idol 8 Hollywood Week Day Three Wins Night, 2-11-2009
American Idol 8 Hollywood Week Day Four The Final 36, 2-12-2009
American Idol 8 Top 36 Round One, 2-18-2009
American Idol 8 Top 36 Round Two The Winners, 2-26-2009
Movies Jonas Brothers Movie A Disaster I Mean A Smash, 3-2-2009
Books Biggest News In Publishing Since The Kindle, 3-3-2009
American Idol 8 Top 36 Round Three The Winners, 3-4-2009
American Idol 8 Top 36 Wild Card Winners, 3-5-2009
DVDs Clint Is King, 3-5-2009
American Idol 8 Lucky 13 The Results Are In, 3-11-2009
DVDs Pinocchio Looks Better Than Ever, 3-13-2009
American Idol 8 Top 11 Bye Alexis, 3-18-2009
TV Battlestar Galactica Finale DVR Alert, 3-19-2009
American Idol 8 Top 10 Motown, 3-26-2009
Books Kindle 2 The Final Review, 3-30-2009
American Idol 8 Top 9 Kris Allen Shines, 4-1-2009
American Idol 8 Top 9 Kris Allen Shines, 4-1-2009
American Idol 8 Top 9 Results Bye Megan Joy, 4-1-2009
DVDs Just A Tiny Bit Of Comfort 007, 4-4-2009
Movies NYT Blows It On Pixar, 4-7-2009
Theater West Side Storys Matt Cavenaugh Breaks Out, 5-01-2009
Cannes 2009 Day One Up Review, 5-13-2009
Cannes 2009 Emmanuelle in 3D, 5-13-2009
Cannes 2009 Day Two Precious Vampires Genocide and Despair, 5-14-2009
Cannes 2009 Day Three A Romantic Poet A Troubled Cop and a Closeted Jew at Woodstock, 5-15-2009
Cannes 2009 Exclusive Video Mariah Carey Fools Photogs, 5-15-2009
Cannes 2009 Day Four Finally A Great Film, 5-16-2009
Cannes 2009 Day Five Lars Von Trier Is Unshockingly Shocking, 5-17-2009
American Idol The Finals Adam Will Win It All, 5-19-2009
Cannes 2009 Day Seven More Almodovar Is Less, 5-19-2009
Cannes 2009 Day Six Reviews Football Fascism Death and Porn, 5-19-2009
Cannes 2009 Liberty Egalite But No Electricty, 5-19-2009
American Idol Try Christian Idol, 5-20-2009
Cannes 2009 Day Eight Jews Fighting Back Jews In Love Singing Nuns and Dour Germans, 5-20-2009
Cannes 2009 Exclusive My Neigbor My Killer Director Anne Aghion On Rwanda Video, 5-21-2009
Cannes 2009 Day Nine Parents Palestinians and Panic, 5-22-2009
Cannes 2009 Day Ten One Bad Movie After Another, 5-22-2009
Cannes 2009 Day Eleven Two Minor Films and One Major Talent, 5-23-2009
Cannes 2009 Chat With Award Winning Director Xavier Dolan Video, 5-24-2009
Cannes 2009 Day Twelve Haneke Triumphs With Top Prize, 5-24-2009
Cannes 2009 Wrapup Front Page Placement, 5-24-2009
Cannes 2009 Wrapup Prominent Placement, 5-24-2009
Cannes 2009 Wrapup Quick Movie Rundown and Sights Sounds Of The Fest, 5-24-2009
Cannes 2009 Crooked Cannes Celebs And Their Asymmetrical Necklines PHOTOS, 5-25-2009
Cannes 2009 Karin Badt Palme dOr Winner of Cannes 2009 Michael Haneke White Ribbon, 5-25-2009
Movies Next Years Oscars Will Have Ten Best Picture Nominees, 6-24-2009
Theater London Summer Roundup, 6-24-2009
DVDs Mad Men Season 2 Gets Darker, 7-14-2009
DVDs Loved Up Watch A Bugs Life, 7-16-2009
DVDs For All Mankind, 7-20-2009
DVDs Life On Mars and Those Clever Brits, 7-31-2009
DVDs New Miss Marple Doesnt Slay Me and More, 8-5-2009
DVDs I Heart Firefly, 8-17-2009
DVDs Hannah Montana VS Dragonball, 8-21-2009
Music CDs Willie Nelson New American Classic, 8-27-2009
DVDs Dont Be Conned Check Out Duplicity, 8-28-2009
Music CDs Richard Thompson Still Brilliant, 9-01-2009
Music Richard Thompson placement, 9-01-2009
DVDs Japanese Noir Hai, 9-08-2009
Music Matthew Sweet Back In Bed With Susanna Hoffs, 9-11-2009
Toronto Film Fest 2009 Day 1 Peasants Cats Goats Nymphs and War, 9-11-2009
Toronto Film Fest 2009 Day 2 Two Hits A Fun Miss and Then Malaise, 9-11-2009
Toronto Film Fest 2010 Day 3 Cartoons Cads and Commies, 9-12-2009
Toronto Film Fest 2009 Day 4 Two Documentaries and a Little Girl, 9-14-2009
Toronto Film Fest 2009 Day 5 Cycling Silliness Senior Citizens Soul and Sexy Babes, 9-15-2009
Toronto Film Fest 2009 Day 6 Mild Disappointment Happy Success and a Hero, 9-16-2009
Toronto Film Fest 2009 Day 7 and 8 The Homestretch, 9-21-2009
Toronto Film Fest 2009 Wrap up, 9-21-2009
Music Rosanne Cash Singer, 10-06-2009
Music Cory Chisel On His Breakout Album, 10-09-2009
Music Nellie McKay Talks About Her Best Album Yet, 10-14-2009
DVDs Rock N Roll Heaven, 10-22-2009
DVDs How Do You Say GoodFellas In Italian Il Divo, 10-30-2009
DVDs Boo Scary New DVDs To Rent And Buy, 10-31-2009
Books Padgett Powell Has A Few Questions To Ask, 11-11-2009
Books Comic Strip Peanuts Comes Home For The Holidays, 11-27-2009
Theater Ragtime Bobby Steggert On His Broadway Hit, 12-1-2009
Theater Tony Winner Jim Norton Kicks Up His Heels In Finians Rainbow, 12-15-2009
Movies Is There Finally Some Oscar Hope for Star Trek, 1-5-2010
DVDs Fractured Fairy Tales, 1-12-2010
Sports McGwire and Selig Still Lying, 1-12-2010
Idol Season 9 Auditions Boston, 1-13-2010
Idol Season 9 Auditions Chicago, 1-19-2010
Humor Extreme Taliban Makeover The Secret Memo, 1-21-2010
Idol Season 9 Auditions Orlando, 1-21-2010
Idol Season 9 Auditions Los Angeles, 1-27-2010
Idol Season 9 Auditions Dallas, 1-28-2010
Idol Season 9 Auditions Denver, 2-3-2010
Idol Season 9 Auditions Finale, 2-4-2010
Music Best CDs of 2009, 2-15-2010
Idol Season 9 Hollywood Week Day One, 2-17-2010
American Idol Season 9 Top 24 Named Part 2, 2-18-2010
Music Best CDs of The 2000s, 2-22-2010
Idol Season 9 Top 24 The Women, 2-24-2010
TV Who Is The King Of Late Nite Craig Ferguson, 2-24-2010
Idol Season 9 Top 24 The Men, 2-25-2010
Idol Season 9 Top 24 The First Elimination, 2-26-2010
Idol Needs Me Says Producer Steve Lillywhite, 3-1-2010
Idol Season 9 Top 20 The Men, 3-3-2010
Music Midlake On The Courage Of Others, 3-3-2010
Idol Season 9 Top 20 The Women, 3-4-2010
Idol Season 9 Top 20 The Elimination, 3-5-2010
Idol Season 9 Top 20 The Elimination, 3-5-2010
Movies Oscar Picks Win Your Office Pool, 3-5-2010
Idol Season 9 Top 16 The Women, 3-10-2010
Idol Season 9 Top 16 The Men, 3-11-2010
Idol Season 9 Meet The Top 12, 3-12-2010
Idol Judges Refuse To Save Lacey Brown, 3-17-2010
Idol Season 9 Top 12 Rolling Stones Night, 3-17-2010
TV Soap Star Brett Claywell Talks About Being Cut From One Life To Live, 3-23-2010
Idol Season 9 Top 11 Non Shocker Paige Goes Home, 3-24-2010
Idol Season 9 Top 11 Paige Making Top 10 Only Against All Odds, 3-24-2010
Idol Season 9 Top 10 Didi Says Bye Bye, 3-31-2010
Idol Season 9 Top 10 Lee Dewyze Breaks Out, 3-31-2010
DVDs Sherlock Holmes Apalooza, 4-2-2010
Idol Season 9 Top 9 Big Mike Loses And Wins, 4-7-2010
Idol Season 9 Top 9 Casey James Back In The Hunt To Win, 4-7-2010
DVDs Sixteen New DVDs You Must Check Out, 4-11-2010
Idol Season 9 Top 9 Again, 4-14-2010
Idol Season 9 Top 7 Tim Smiles All The Way Home, 4-21-2010
Idol Season 9 Top 6 Siobhan Sent Packing, 4-28-2010
Idol Season 9 Top 5 Aaron Swings On Home, 5-5-2010
Cannes 2010 Preview Video Stroll Down the Croisette, 5-11-2010
Cannes 2010 Day One Robin Hood Ho Hum, 5-12-2010
Idol Season 9 Top 4 Big Goodbye for Big Mike, 5-12-2010
Idol Season 9 Top 4 Crystal Back in Action, 5-12-2010
Music Sharon Jones Made It The Hard Way, 5-13-2010
Cannes 2010 Day Four and Five Mike Leigh New Gem and Inside Job Rocks The Fest, 5-18-2010
Cannes 2010 Day Two and Three Wall Street 2 Stock Down The Housemaid Burns Up, 5-18-2010
Cannes 2010 Day Six and Seven Biutiful is Beautiful and Jia is Beautifuler, 5-20-2010
Cannes 2010 Day Eight and Nine Carlos Is Caught, 5-21-2010
Cannes 2010 Day Ten and Eleven Not So HaHaHa, 5-22-2010
Cannes 2010 Prizes Thailand and Monkey Ghosts Win Palme dOr, 5-23-2010
Cannes 2010 Wrapup The Awards the Reviews and So Much More, 5-23-2010
Idol Season 9 Finale Idol Jumps Shark, 5-26-2010
Music Tracey Thorn on Her Brilliant New Album, 5-28-2010
TV Breaking Bad Bryan Cranston on Season Finale, 6-11-2010
Music Peter Wolf Tearing It Up on Tour and on TV, 6-14-2010
DVDs Latest Foyle Best Alice Last Station, 6-26-2010
Theater Not So Grand Manner, 7-2-2010
DVDs Life on Mars A Single Man and The Crazies, 7-8-2010
Theater Our Town With Helen Hunt Still Shines, 7-14-2010
DVDs A Prophet the Next Godfather Yep it is That Good, 8-13-2010
Music Robbie Williams Goes Brokeback, 8-26-2010
Movies A Toast to Dudley Moore and Arthur, 8-31-2010
DVDs Friday Night Lights Scores Again, 9-4-2010
Books Digital or Bust The Future of Reading, 9-8-2010
Toronto Film Fest 2010 Preview, 9-9-2010
Theater Top 5 Picks for NYC Fringe Fest Encores, 9-11-2010
Toronto Film Fest 2009 Day 3 Strikes Snafus and Sexploitation, 9-13-2010
Toronto Film Fest 2010 Day 1 And 2 Midnight Madness, 9-13-2010
Toronto Film Fest 2010 Day 4 Old Men Young Girls Graham Greene and Amigos, 9-13-2010
Toronto Film Fest 2010 Day 5 Ozon Saves a Dour Day, 9-14-2010
Toronto Film Fest 2010 Day 6 Hello Lapland, 9-15-2010
Toronto Film Fest 2010 Day 7 and 8 Boston Beliefs and Bang Bang Club, 9-20-2010
Toronto Film Fest 2010 Day 9 10 and 11 The Irish The Scots and Werner Herzog, 9-20-2010
Toronto Film Fest 2010 Wrapup The Reviews the Stories the Glamour the End, 9-22-2010
DVDs Ellery Queen Rush Casey Affleck and More, 10-4-2010
Theater Gatz at the Public, 10-7-2010
DVDs Twilight Zone Cuckoos Nest Withnail And More, 10-8-2010
DVDs Prime Suspect Dueling Everlys Disney and More, 10-14-2010
DVDs Leonard Cohen Palooza And More, 10-15-2010
Theater New York Musical Festival 2010 Roundup, 10-18-2010
DVDs TV Top 10 Crime Solvers, 10-21-2010
Theater Lombardi Scores a Field Goal La Bete Better for Actors, 10-22-2010
Music Richard Thompson at Town Hall, 10-26-2010
Theater Driving Miss Daisy Sputters Wings Does Not Soar, 10-28-2010
DVDs Halloween DVDs The Exorcist Psycho Troll 2 and More, 10-29-2010
Theater Scottsboro Boys Triumphs, 11-1-2010
DVDs Johnny Carson Outshines His Boxed Set, 11-3-2010
Theater Women On The Verge Of Bad, 11-5-2010
DVDs Sound Of Music Toy Story 3 The Pacific And More, 11-10-2010
Theater Pee wee is Silly Middletown Playful, 11-12-2010
Theater Al Pacino in Subtle Merchant Of Venice An Obvious Elf and More, 11-16-2010
DVDs Scott Pilgrim Bing Sherlock And More, 11-19-2010
Music Bruce Springsteen Boxed Set The DVD Review, 11-19-2010
Theater A Free Man of Color Intrigues Elling Is Overwhelmed, 11-23-2010
DVDs Blade Runner Secret Inspiration, 12-7-2010
Theater Great Game Gamble at The Public Les Miz at Paper Mill, 12-8-2010
DVDs Peanuts and Other New Holiday Titles, 12-16-2010
Theater Killer Kitson Fairly Earnest So so Baitz and Interminable Ibsen, 1-17-2011
DVDs Archer The Funniest Sitcom Around, 1-18-2011
Music Mavis Staples Shines Fitz and Tantrums Party, 1-21-2011
DVDs Downton Abbey Frothy Fun, 1-22-2011
DVDs Aaron Johnson Kicks Ass in Nowhere Boy, 1-31-2011
Theater Nixon In China Milkcart Blood From A Stone More, 2-3-2011
DVDs Tillman Story Is F ing Good, 2-7-2011
Theater Andre Braugher Survives The Whipping Man, 2-8-2011
Music Grammy Preview The Best CDs of 2010, 2-12-2011
Music George Michael Faith And The Era Of The Blockbuster, 2-15-2011
Music CDs Of The Week Ladysmith Black Mambazo and David Wax Museum, 2-18-2011
DVDs Keep Your Eyes On The Prize and Superman Not That One And More, 2-22-2011
Movies Heartbeats and the Rise of Xavier Dolan, 2-24-2011
Music CDs of the Week Adele and The Low Anthem, 2-25-2011
Theater Geoffrey Rush In Madman Adam Rapp Hallway Shaky Tennessee and Broadway Songs of 1921, 2-26-2011
Movies Shhh Here Is Your Winning Oscar Ballot, 2-27-2011
DVDs Birdemic The Worst Movie Of The Year, 3-2-2011
Theater Not So Good People Fine Timon Lovely Nightingale and No KO for Beautiful Burnout, 3-4-2011
Music CD of the Week Ron Sexsmith, 3-6-2011
Sports Why I Love Baseball, 3-8-2011
Music OMD at Terminal 5 First US Show in 23 Years, 3-9-2011
DVDs Zombies Attack in The Walking Dead, 3-10-2011
Music CD Of The Week Simon and Garfunkel Bridge Over Troubled Water, 3-11-2011
Music Simon and Garfunkel Bridge Placement, 3-11-2011
Theater Cactus Flower Wilts, 3-12-2011
Music Pogues For St Patricks Day Brilliant, 3-16-2011
DVDs A Brawling Mark Wahlberg a Psychic Matt Damon and a Buddha like Little Boy, 3-17-2011
Music Teddy Thompson Shines at City Winery, 3-19-2011
Theater Priscilla Totters In, 3-21-2011
Theater A Room of Her Own, 3-22-2011
Theater Brand New Shakespeare The Scottish Play and Post Apocalyptic Dancing, 3-24-2011
Theater Dream Of The Burning Boy Almost Catches Fire, 3-24-2011
Theater John Leguizamo Klowns Around, 3-24-2011
DVDs Tourist Falls Asleep and More, 3-25-2011
Movies White Irish Drinkers, 3-25-2011
Theater Arcadia Revival Delights, 3-25-2011
Books Bible 2 Point 0 A Humanist Bible Lays Down The Gauntlet, 3-29-2011
Theater Daniel Radcliffe Succeeds on Broadway, 3-31-2011
Movies Rainn Wilsons Kind of Super, 4-1-2011
Theater Robin Williams Yes Bengal Tiger No, 4-1-2011
Theater Mike Birbiglias Hapless Charm, 4-2-2011
DVDs Treme Frustrating Fun Tangled the Real Arthur and More, 4-7-2011
Theater Seaworthy Anything Goes Heavenly Divine Sister, 4-7-2011
Movies Meeks Cutoff, 4-8-2011
Theater Catch Me If You Can Dazzles Broadway, 4-10-2011
Books Civil War Rages On In Books Music and DVD, 4-12-2011
Theater Is Chris Rock Any Fing Good on Broadway, 4-13-2011
Theater Punchdrunk and a Piano, 4-14-2011
Theater War Horse Gallops Onto Broadway, 4-14-2011
DVDs Tracy and Hepburn The Greatest Screen Team Of All Time, 4-15-2011
Theater Wonderlands With A Thud Pinter With A Purpose And Then You Die, 4-19-2011
DVDs Before Pixar There Was Bluth, 4-20-2011
Books Malcolm X A Life Of Reinvention The Review, 4-22-2011
Theater Saint Rylance Of Jerusalem, 4-22-2011
Books Berlin 1961 The Most Dangerous Place On Earth, 5-11-2011
Cannes 2011 Woody Loves Paris Sleeping Beauty Gets Dark, 5-11-2011
Cannes 2011 Day Two Angry Kids Dying Kids and Kids in Danger, 5-13-2011
Cannes 2011 Day Three A Pope A Pianist A Philogoist and More, 5-14-2011
Cannes 2011 Day Five Can Cannes Handle A Truly Fun Film The Artist Debuts, 5-15-2011
Cannes 2011 Day Four Girls With Babies Boys With Bikes and Outlaws With Chi, 5-15-2011
Cannes 2011 Day Six Malick Latest Opus A Dour Dumont and Australias Most Infamous Serial Killer, 5-16-2011
Cannes 2011 The Four Star Review Terrence Malicks The Tree Of Life, 5-16-2011
Cannes 2011 Day Seven Aki Accomplishment Closeted Afrikaners Bonsai and More, 5-17-2011
Cannes 2011 Lars Von Trier Apologizes and Other Political Scandals, 5-18-2011
Cannes 2011 Day Eight Nine and Ten Melancholia As Von Trier and Almodovar Disappoint, 5-20-2011
Cannes 2011 Sean Penns Weirdly Wonderful New Performance, 5-20-2011
Cannes 2011 Finale Malicks Tree Of Life Triumphs With Top Prize, 5-22-2011
Books David McCulloughs Latest Tackles Americans in Paris, 5-25-2011
Theater One Man Two Guvnors A Crash Course in British Humor, 5-26-2011
Theater Much Ado Ends Well at Globe, 5-30-2011
Theater Rupert Everett Growls His Way Through Pygmalion, 5-31-2011
DVDs How Good Is Matt Damon Damn Good, 6-7-2011
DVDs Who Is the Most Beautiful Woman in the World, 6-9-2011
Theater Ben Stiller Returns to Broadway, 6-10-2011
DVDs One of the Greatest Guy Movies of all Time, 6-16-2011
DVDs Battle Los Angeles Old Fashioned War Movie With Aliens, 6-18-2011
Theater Spiderman Turn Off The Dark The Review, 6-20-2011
Theater Broadway By The Year 1997 Not Vintage But Fun, 6-21-2011
DVDs Bad Movies You Might Enjoy, 6-23-2011
Theater Harvard Secret Gay Shame in Unnatural Acts, 6-24-2011
DVDs Jonathan Demme Wild Ride, 6-27-2011
Theater Book Of Mormon Why Arent More People Offended, 6-28-2011
Operation Backpack Sends Hope To NYC Homeless Kids, 6-29-2011
Theater Cirque Du Soleill Zarkana Murky But Fun At Radio City, 6-30-2011
Theater Shakespeare In The Park Ends Well With Measure, 7-1-2011
DVDs Should Charlie Sheen Have Made Born On The Fourth Of July, 7-4-2011
Books Hypnotist Mesmerizes, 7-5-2011
Music Rickie Lee Jones Swashbuckles Through Pirates at City Winery, 7-6-2011
Theater Tyne Daly Delivers a Master Class, 7-8-2011
Theater Hair Back On Broadway Hannibal Lecter Sings, 7-14-2011
DVDs SciFi Silly Serious and Everything In Between, 7-18-2011
DVDs Arthur The Movie I Will Never Watch, 8-2-2011
DVDs Cults In The Making Cult Film Wannabes And Grindhouse Classics, 8-12-2011
Theater FringeFest NYC 2011 1 Woody Guthrie Soldiers Sexy Students and Lennon, 8-18-2011
Theater FringeFest NYC 2011 1 Woody Guthrie Soldiers Sexy Students and Lennon, 8-18-2011
Theater Olive and the Bitter Herbs, 8-19-2011
DVDs Best High School Movies of All Time, 8-22-2011
Theater FringeFest NYC 2011 2 Leonard Cohen Shakespeare Russian Jews And More, 8-22-2011
Books Cheers for Alexandra Fuller Cocktail Hour, 8-25-2011
Theater Hero Plus Fringefest 3 Musicals Galore, 9-7-2011
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Theater FringeFest NYC2011 Finale Fun Pear and Great Mountain, 9-21-2011
Theater FringeFest NYC 2011 Finale Fun Pear and Great Mountain, 9-21-2011
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Theater Zoe Kazan Pens Play Glee Star Groff Gets Ugly, 10-13-2011
Theater Mountaintop Sort of Scales The Heights, 10-14-2011
DVDs Malick Latest Triumph Is Also One For Brad Pitt, 10-16-2011
Theater NYMF 2011 4 Jazz Kiddies Camp Tap Tut and Vamps, 10-16-2011
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Theater Woody Allen Plus Elaine May Plus Ethan Coen Equals Meh, 10-28-2011
Books Return of Sherlock Holmes, 11-1-2011
Theater Milk Like Sugar Is Sweet Loves Labors Lost Is Playful Memory Best Forgotten, 11-2-2011
Theater Other Desert Cities Found On Broadway 69 S Lost at BAM Chinglish Does Not Translate, 11-4-2011
Theater Mary Testa Is The Queen Of The Mist, 11-7-2011
Theater All American Fumbles Ball But Features An MVP, 11-8-2011
Theater Godspell Resurrected, 11-8-2011
Theater Hand To God Has Devilish Fun With Puppets, 11-8-2011
Theater Sam Waterston As King Lear Disappoints At Public, 11-9-2011
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Theater Road To Mecca Proves Bigger Is Not Always Better, 1-19-2012
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Music Spread This Rumer Best New Artist of 2012 Is Here, 1-31-2012
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Theater NYMF 2012 Roundup 4 Cool Cats and Chlorine in New Musicals, 7-24-2012
Theater NYMF 2012 Roundup 5 The Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping and the Lure of Eternal Youth, 7-25-2012
Theater NYMF 2012 Roundup 6 Jews HIV Swing States and the Bible, 7-29-2012
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Theater Gore Vidal The Best Man A Second Better Look, 8-6-2012
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Theater Bring It On Does Not And Into The Woods Loses Its Way, 8-12-2012
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Sports High Prices Force Yankee Fan to Say Goodbye to His Season Tickets, 9-7-2012
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Theater Chaplin the Musical Lacks Color And Goodbye FringeFest, 9-14-2012
Books William Seward The One Man Hated Even More Than Lincoln, 9-19-2012
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Disgraced Tries to Provoke But Only Puzzles, 10-23-2012
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Theater Ethan Hawke and Richard Nixon at Their Finest, 11-15-2012
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Exclusive PR Guru Behind Fake Fox News Study Speaks Up, 12-9-2012
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Theater Rock of Ages Still Breaking Records In Every Sense On Broadway, 3-5-2013
Theater Ann Richards Via Holland Taylor and Serious Clowning In Old Hats, 3-8-2013
Theater The Flick and Detroit 67 Promise and Hit the Wall Lets Down Stonewall, 3-14-2013
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Theater Breakfast At Tiffanys Leaves You Hungry and Vanya Sonia Leaves You Laughing, 3-26-2013
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Theater Hands On A Hardbody No Sale for This New Musical, 3-28-2013
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A Dull Big Knife a Noble La Ruta Spotlights Injustice, 4-19-2013
Theater Nathan Lane Kills Alan Cumming Bores Deborah Cox Delights And More, 4-24-2013
Theater Alec Baldwin Adopts Orphans Fiona Shaw Delivers The Testament of Mary, 4-26-2013
Theater The Trip to Bountiful and Cicely Tyson Are Tony Favorites, 4-30-2013
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DVD China Beach Is Finally Available for Binge Viewing, 5-27-2013
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Theater Soggy Mermaid Very Far From Heaven Blurry Circle, 6-4-2013
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Books Gripping Queen Of The Air A Real Life Water For Elephants, 6-14-2013
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Theater The Beatles On Broadway, 8-2-2013
Theater August Wilson Cycle Launches At Greene Space, 8-26-2013
Theater Yank Kickstarter Cheaters Club Stopper, 8-28-2013
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DVDs Is the Hit Film Now You See Me the Savior of Hollywood, 9-15-2013
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Movies NYFF 2013 Part 2 Lanzmanns Latest Miyazaki Farewell, 9-20-2013
Movies Kubricks 2001 A Space Odyssey Wows in Concert, 9-21-2013
DVDs The Rise and Rise of Indian Director Satyajit Ray, 9-25-2013
Theater Does Orlando Bloom or Wilt on Broadway Plus Nude Legal Wrangling And August Wilson, 9-26-2013
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Theater Zachary Quinto In Fragile Glass Dee Dee Bridgewater In Cloudy Day, 10-8-2013
Theater Beware the Ides of March And Beware Missing Julius Caesar, 10-10-2013
Theater Honeymoon in Vegas Yankees Lose Again in October, 10-12-2013
Theater Oh Romeo Joplin Lives, 10-17-2013
Theater Winslow Boy Guilty of Success Juno and The Paycock Not Framed Driving Lessons, 10-20-2013
Theater Not a Fun Home Two Boys Trapped In DarkNet, 10-23-2013
Theater The Big Fish That Got Away Poor Time Killer, 10-24-2013
Music Dont You Forget About Simple Minds, 10-28-2013
DVDs Boo A Halloween Roundup of Scary New DVDs, 10-29-2013
Theater A Fighting Cock A Not So Wild Geese on Broadway, 10-29-2013
Books Duke Ellington Swings and Stings in New Biography, 11-1-2013
Theater Taymor Spins Web Of Magic A Promising Lady In Red, 11-4-2013
Theater Cotton Club Reborn Bawdy Burlesque Magic Acts Refined, 11-8-2013
Theater Patron Saint A Holy Mess Goerke Casts Big Shadow At Met, 11-13-2013
Books Was Norman Rockwell Gay, 11-14-2013
Theater Cloudy Little Miss Sunshine Digestive Proust, 11-16-2013
DVDs The Biggest DVD and BluRay Boxed Set Roundup Ever, 11-20-2013
Theater Murder Magic And Memories in Four New Shows, 11-22-2013
Theater Daniel Kitson Returns Musical Oliver Needs More, 12-5-2013
Theater McKellen Stewart Beckett Pinter, 12-6-2013
DVDs The Long Strange Journey Of Mary Hartman Mary Hartman, 12-11-2013
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Books My Favorite Books of 2013 Revealed, 12-24-2013
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Theater Stephen Foster Lives Rosencrantz Is Dead!, 1-15-2014
Theater Loneliness Does Not Go The Distance Machinal Hums Along, 1-21-2014
Theater Debra Messing Broadway Debut How Did She Do, 1-24-2014
Theater Your Friendly Neighborhood Vampire Deadly Da, 1-26-2014
DVDs Happy Birthday to Jane Austen Novel Pride And Prejudice, 1-29-2014
BookFilter Bestselling Author Karin Slaughter Speaks Out About Rape And Her New Book Cop Town, 1-30-2014
Theater Stumbling Brecht, 1-30-2014
Theater Busch Is Never a Drag in Comedy The Tribute Artist, 2-10-2014
Theater Transport Does Not, 2-18-2014
DVDs Hill Street Blues Wonder Years Out So What Show Should Be Next, 2-21-2014
Theater The Quiet Pleasures of Bridges Of Madison County, 2-27-2014
Theater Affectionate Stage Kiss, 3-3-2014
Theater Louis Armstrong Solo No Sweat For John Douglas Thompson, 3-4-2014
Theater Antony And Cleopatra Doomed Love Dumb Setting, 3-5-2014
DVDs 12 Years A Slave Gravity Nebraska More Arrive On BluRay DVD, 3-7-2014
Movies IRA Best PIcture Laurence Anyways, 3-12-2014
Theater LBJ Almost All The Way Hand To God It Is Funny, 3-15-2014
Theater Arianda Can Not Rescue Murky Tales From Red Vienna, 3-18-2014
Theater Rocky The Musical Does Not Go the Distance, 3-20-2014
DVDs Inside Llewyn Davis Anchorman 2 and Hank Williams, 3-21-2014
Music Best Albums Of 2013 Topped By Janelle Monae, 3-25-2014
Theater Aladdin Has Old Fashioned Charm Dated Mothers And Sons, 3-27-2014
Theater Les Miz A Pleasure and not a Guilty One Breathing Time Expires, 3-29-2014
Theater Cirque Du Soleil Show Amaluna Far From Full, 3-30-2014
Theater Heathers The Musical Whats Their Damage, 4-1-2014
Theater Broadway By The Year Hits New Peak Second Chance Falls Flat, 4-2-2014
Theater Megan Mullally Triumph In Guys And Dolls Idina Menzel Bust, 4-4-2014
Theater Mild Threepenny Blazing Raisin for Denzel Washington, 4-8-2014
Theater Heir Ball Surrealistic Joneses, 4-10-2014
Theater Lady Day Sings Steven Soderbergh Slips, 4-17-2014
Theater Violet Is Beautiful Bullets Fire BLanks James Franco Makes Broadway Debut, 4-21-2014
Theater Playful Gertrude Stein Confusing Kama Sutra, 4-23-2014
Theater NPH Is Wait For It Epic In Hedwig Great Immensity Is Not Daniel Radcliffe Impresses, 4-25-2014
Theater Casa Valentina Half Delights Act One Exhausts Mary Martin Mild, 4-27-2014
Theater Michelle Williams Gives First Performance After Tony Snub, 4-30-2014
DVDs The Citizen Kane of TV Dramas Is Hill Street Blues, 5-2-2014
Theater Octoroon Astonishes Forbidden Broadway Tickles, 5-7-2014
Theater Here Lies Love Parties On August Wilson Lives On, 5-9-2014
Theater The Mad Ones Navigate The Straight And Narrow, 5-24-2014
BookFilter BookExpo of America 2014 Publishers Come out Swinging, 6-3-2014
Theater Much Ado About Rabe and Linklater, 6-17-2014
Theater Cherry On Top But Little Underneath in New Play, 6-18-2014
Theater Savion Glover Prays Broadway Cabaret Stars Praise, 6-26-2014
Theater The Lion Roars With Pride Tupac Does Not Bloom on Broadway in Holler, 6-27-2014
Theater Cool Cole Lively Joyce and Lots of Talented Teens, 7-2-2014
Theater Fuerza Bruta Loses Its Wayra With New Show, 7-10-2014
Theater Strictly Delightful Strictly Dishonorable, 7-27-2014
Theater Stephen McKinley Henderson Front and Center Finally, 8-1-2014
Theater Bootycandy Is Delicious Frustrating Fun, 9-11-2014
Theater Mighty Real Mighty Fun Amiable Youth, 9-15-2014
Movies New York Film Festival 2014 Part 1 Starting With A Bang, 9-16-2014
Theater Bridget Everett Hits Rock Bottom, 9-18-2014
Theater Almost Home Never Arrives Rouge Never Goes There, 9-21-2014
Movies New York Film Festival 2014 Part 2 Ethan Hawke Valentine Dardennes Latest, 9-26-2014
Theater Mia Farrow Broadway Return LaBute Cheap Shot, 9-26-2014
DVDs The Beatles Ken Burns Bob Newhart and More, 9-27-2014
Theater PigPen Return With The Old Man to New Victory, 9-29-2014
Theater You Cant Cant But James Earl Jones Surely Can, 10-1-2014
Movies New York Film Festival 2014 Part 4 Inherent Vice Stumbles, 10-5-2014
Theater Can Can Can Familiar Country Sweet Cinderella, 10-6-2014
DVDs The Wonder Years Tom Cruise on Repeat and More, 10-9-2014
Theater Rufus and Robert Tackle Will Plus When January Feels Like Summer, 10-9-2014
Movies New York Film Festival 2014 Part 5 Edward Snowden Doc Citizenfour Debuts, 10-10-2014
Theater Nathan Lane and Matthew Brodererick Kings Of Comedy Wonderfully Curious, 10-10-2014
Theater A Lost Found And Lost Generations at Soho Rep, 10-15-2014
Theater Fortress Of Solitude Soars At The Public, 10-22-2014
Theater Tepid Nite On The Town Overwrought Belle, 10-22-2014
DVDs I Wanna Live at Pee wees Playhouse, 10-24-2014
Theater Father Comes Home Hits It Out Disgraced Disappoints, 10-29-2014
Theater Sting and Ewan McGregor Hit Broadway Does Broadway Hit Back, 10-31-2014
Theater Show Boat Sings Thankfully, 11-6-2014
Theater Bill Pullman Shines in Sticks And Bones, 11-7-2014
Theater Jane Austen On Stage And Bedlam Ensues, 11-11-2014
Theater Some Disappointments and a Promsing Talent Named Sondheim, 11-13-2014
Theater Unshocking Side Show Exhausting Tamburlaine, 11-18-2014
Theater Not So Delicate Balance Lovely Allegro, 11-21-2014
Theater Not Enough Tristan And Yseult Never Enough Lypsinka, 11-24-2014
Theater Apple Core Acting Galore, 11-26-2014
DVDs Boxed Set Bonanza, 12-6-2014
Theater Plays With Prisoners Prestidigitation and Puppets, 12-8-2014
DVDs The Greatest Road Trip Movie of All Gift Guide And More, 12-10-2014
Theater Bradley Cooper Gets Ugly TR Knight Gets Closeted, 12-17-2014
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