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New York Magazine Archive

Michael Giltz was recruited by “New York” magazine during the Kurt Andersen era to help launch a brand new section that would cover all areas of entertainment. His duties included working with critics David Denby and John Simon to edit their movie and theater reviews into capsule form, while writing short, punchy weekly features on movies and theater. In the span of just one year, Michael Giltz had four different editors directly overseeing his department come and go as the magazine made constant changes and ultimately left to pursue freelance writing.

Paul Rudnick feature, 6-20-1994
Movies Fall Preview 1994, 9-12-1994
NYC Day In Life Check Cashing Stores feature, 9-26-1994
Declan Donnellan As You Like It feature, 10-10-1994
Samuel L Jackson feature, 10-10-1994
Darnell Martin feature, 10-17-1994
Wendy Wasserstein feature, 10-17-1994
Linda Fiorentino feature, 10-24-1994
Charles Busch feature, 10-31-1994
Louis Malle feature, 10-31-1994
Joe Mantello feature, 11-7-1994
Patrick Doyle feature, 11-7-1994
Neil Jordan feature, 11-14-1994
Betty Buckley feature, 11-21-1994
John Dahl feature, 11-21-1994
Jerry Stiller feature, 11-28-1994
Michael John LaChuisa feature, 12-5-1994
Raul OConnell feature, 12-5-1994
Crissy Rock Ladybird feature, 12-12-1994
Philip Glass feature, 12-12-1994
Campbell Scott feature, 12-19-1994
Tan Dun feature, 12-19-1994
Assorted Capsule Movie Reviews, 1-1-1995
Helen Mirren feature, 1-2-1995
Winter kills theater feature, 1-2-1995
Charles Burnett feature, 1-9-1995
Richard Foreman feature, 1-9-1995
John Waters feature, 1-16-1995
Ralph Lee puppeteer feature, 1-16-1995
Rating movie guides book review, 1-16-1995
Brian Bedford feature, 1-23-1995
Claude Lanzmann feature, 1-23-1995
Bruce Jay Friedman feature, 1-30-1995
Jackie Chan feature, 1-30-1995
Lou Reed feature, 2-6-1995
Danny Boyle feature, 2-13-1995
Boze Hadleigh feature, 2-20-1995
TV shows to movies chart feature, 2-20-1995
Atom Egoyan feature, 3-6-1995
Gene Page feature, 3-13-1995
Incredibly True Adventures Two Girls In Love feature, 3-20-1995
Ruth Vitale feature, 3-20-1995
Incredibly True Adventures Two Girls In Love blurb feature, 3-27-1995
NY Underground Film Festival feature, 3-27-1995
Anthony LaPaglia feature, 4-10-1995
DreamWorks animation feature, 4-17-1995
Trudie Styler feature, 4-17-1995
Kims Video feature, 4-24-1995
NYCD feature, 4-24-1995
Terry Zwigoff feature, 4-24-1995
Barbara Leaming feature, 5-1-1995
James Lecesne feature, 5-1-1995
Mira Nair feature, 5-15-1995
European musicals feature, 5-23-1995
Sony Pictures Classics feature, 5-29-1995
Judy Kuhn feature, 6-12-1995
Graciele Daniele feature, 6-19-1995
Tom Noonan feature, 6-19-1995
Melvin Van Peebles feature, 6-26-1995
Orson Welles Criterion feature, 7-10-1995