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The Popsurfing Archive

Popsurfing is a personal blog for Michael Giltz currently used to direct people to his latest articles and reviews. For about 18 months, he actively worked the blog to promote it as an all-purpose entertainment website people could go to and get the latest info on movie grosses, TV ratings, bestseller lists and breaking news. When the world didn't beat a path to his door, Michael Giltz wisely decided to focus on articles for outlets with actual readers and scaled back the blog. You can go to the archives on the blog's website and check out the fall of 2007 to get a feel for what the site offered at its peak. Archived here are some of the more substantial posts that can stand on their own and might still be of interest today. (Coming soon.)

Best Movies Of 2005, 12-1-2005
DVDs Out January 17 2006, 12-15-2005
Best CDs of 2005, 12-20-2005
IRA Awards 2006 The Full Story, 1-2-2006
20 Favorite CDs, 1-7-2006
Wal Mart Was Wrong To Apologize, 1-8-2006
Has Nicolas Cage Taught Us Nothing, 1-9-2006
Heres A Mystery Why Did Da Vinci Code Take Three Years To Hit Paperback, 1-9-2006
Miami Vice Would Anyone Call It Realistic, 1-9-2006
The Slippery Slope By Lemony Snicket Review of Three Stars, 1-9-2006
UK Book Bestsellers of 2005, 1-9-2006
Transamerica Review, 1-10-2006
New Yorker Gets Rough With Diamond, 1-11-2006
James Frey on Larry King, 1-12-2006
Dr Who Comes To Sci Fi, 1-12-2006
More Frey Fallout From Larry King, 1-12-2006
New York Times Movies Are Too Long, 1-13-2006
TV Preview Ice Skating, 1-14-2006
The Strokes First Impressions On Earth Review, 1-14-2006
Kings And Queen The Review, 1-15-2006
Grammys Add 25 Records To Hall of Fame, 1-16-2006
New Yorker Praises Battlestar Galactica, 1-16-2006
Bye Bye Malcolm and the 70s, 1-17-2006
Spielberg Upset Universal Ignoring Munich, 1-18-2006
Around The Watercooler Bleak House, 1-23-2006
Brokeback What Larry David Really Said, 1-23-2006
Charles Dickens A Bore, 1-23-2006
BBCs Shoddy Reporting On New Movie Awards, 1-25-2006
Oprah We Know She Can Sell Books Can She Stop Them Too, 1-27-2006
Surfing Through Silas Marner by George Eliot, 1-28-2006
Oscars Who Didnt Deserve A Nod, 1-31-2006
Whither Mike Myers, 1-31-2006
Disneys Record Breaking Week On The Pop Charts, 2-2-2006
New Broadway Musical On Johnny Cash Clueless, 2-3-2006
Why Everyone Is Wrong About The Oscars Show, 2-3-2006
Why Everyone Is Wrong About The Oscars Show 2, 2-3-2006
Why Everyone Is Wrong About The Oscars Show 3, 2-3-2006
Why Everyone Is Wrong About The Oscars Show 4, 2-3-2006
Western Union Telegrams RIP, 2-4-2006
Surfing Through Sweeney Todd, 2-5-2006
Augusten Burroughs Is A Liar, 2-6-2006
Dark Matter I Think Theyre Making It Up, 2-8-2006
New Murrow Papers Discovered, 2-14-2006
Surfing Through Manoel Felciano, 2-14-2006
Disney Plans Service To Beam New Movies Right Into Your Home, 2-15-2006
Newsflash Movie Theaters To Charge Different Prices At Off Peak, 2-15-2006
Opus Dei Secretive Catholic Group Speaks Out Sort Of, 2-15-2006
Joe Roth On Pixar, 2-17-2006
HotOlympianscom Shut Down By Olympics, 2-18-2006
You Make The Sun Shine Brighter Than Doris Day, 2-18-2006
The IRA Awards 2005, 2-19-2006
Why Are The Olympics A Ratings Disappointment, 2-20-2006
A Four Hour Puppet Show Version Of Paradise Lost, 2-21-2006
FCC Idiocy Warning Not Appropriate For Minors, 3-20-2006
Thank You For Smoking, 3-20-2006
Beatles Travesty Vol 2, 3-21-2006
Corinne Bailey Rae CD, 3-23-2006
The Child, 3-24-2006
Invasion Of The Body Snatchers 1956, 3-25-2006
Mansfield Park by Jane Austen, 3-27-2006
DVD Reviews King Kong, 3-28-2006
Rolling Stone On American Idol, 3-28-2006
Quaids Brokeback Lawsuit A Sign Of Trouble, 3-30-2006
Surfing Through A Star Is Born 1954, 4-3-2006
Brokeback Mountain Wal Mart Says Yes Prisons Say No, 4-10-2006
My New Favorite Cult, 4-14-2006
USA Todays Across The USA, 4-14-2006
Derek Jeters Commercials, 4-18-2006
HD DVD Hits Stores Today, 4-18-2006
Two Weeks In The Midday Sun by Roger Ebert, 4-18-2006
Vatican Pulls Out The Stops To Promote Da Vinci Code, 4-18-2006
The Dan Brown Conspiracy, 4-19-2006
DVDs Out Today Shopgirl Match Point, 4-25-2006
EW On Walden Media, 4-25-2006
Surfing Through The History Boys, 4-25-2006
Surfing Through The Obits, 4-25-2006
The Doors Maintain Their Rock N Roll Integrity, 4-25-2006
Surfing Through The Death Of Mr Lazarescu, 4-26-2006
Surfing Through New CDs, 5-2-2006
Authors Who Sued Da Vinci Code Face Huge Legal Bills, 5-4-2006
Original Star Wars Coming To DVD, 5-4-2006
Surfing Through Down In The Valley, 5-5-2006
Weekly World News, 5-5-2006
Surfing Thru M I III, 5-6-2006
Surfing Thru United 93, 5-6-2006
7th Heaven Passes On, 5-8-2006
Surfing Thru Gilmore Girls, 5-10-2006
Cannes 2006 Cannes Day Intro, 5-16-2006
Cannes 2006 Day One The Da Vinci Code, 5-17-2006
Cannes 2006 Day Two Begins, 5-17-2006
Cannes 2006 Day Two Movie taglines, 5-17-2006
Cannes 2006 Day Two Summer Palace, 5-17-2006
Cannes 2006 Day Two Trade Tidbits Wandering Around, 5-17-2006
Cannes 2006 Day Three, 5-18-2006
Cannes 2006 Day Four, 5-19-2006
Cannes Wrapup 2006, 5-28-2006
Aretha At The Apollo, 6-21-2006
How Is Cars Doing At The Box Office, 6-21-2006
Aretha Postscript, 6-22-2006
Corinne Bailey Rae At Bowery Ballroom, 6-22-2006
Springsteen At The Garden, 6-23-2006
Kyle XY Is Saved By The Closer, 6-27-2006
Pope Cracks Down On Modern Music In Churches, 6-29-2006
X Men The Last Stand The Review, 6-29-2006
Superman Returns 1 2, 7-2-2006
The Devil Wears Prada 1 2, 7-2-2006
Tennis History Is Made Shhhhhhhhh, 7-8-2006
Major Cast Member Leaves EastEnders, 7-10-2006
Baseball Screws Over Its Fans Again, 7-12-2006
Drug Testing In High Schools It Works, 7-13-2006
Johnny Cash Still The Man In Black, 7-15-2006
How Could They Cancel Deadwood, 7-17-2006
Descendant of Jesus and Mary Magdalene Speaks Out, 7-18-2006
Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs In Concert, 7-18-2006
So What Color Is Fox, 7-18-2006
Hollywood Announces EVERY Comic Book Character That Has Ever Existed Will Get Their Own Movie, 7-20-2006
Transamerica Thinks A Broadway Flop Is A Good Investment, 7-20-2006
Lee Miller What A Gal, 7-22-2006
Smokey Sings The Standards, 7-22-2006
The Peaceful Warrior, 7-22-2006
DVD Special Editions Out Of Control, 7-24-2006
Goodbye New York Post, 7-24-2006
Radio Abandons Madonna, 7-24-2006
Classic Animation Makes Comeback At Disney, 7-27-2006
In Defense Of Mel Gibson, 8-1-2006
Bitching About TV Critics, 8-4-2006
Christian Bale Saddles Up, 8-4-2006
Six Degrees Of Meat Loaf, 8-7-2006
Chinese Underground Spreads US TV Shows To Millions, 8-10-2006
Candi Staton In Concert, 8-11-2006
I Hate John From Cincinnati, 8-11-2006
Happy Detective Day, 8-15-2006
Boz Scaggs James Hunter In Concert, 8-16-2006
The Body Of Ray Charles Is Exhumed And Propped Up On Stage For Customers To Look At While A CD Of His Music Plays, 8-17-2006
Synchronicity Plus A Book Review, 8-18-2006
Nora Roberts She Suffers From Writers Blockbuster, 8-23-2006
The Best Comic Strips Of All Time, 8-23-2006
The Next Eddie Izzard, 8-23-2006
Bush Has Read 60 Books So Far This Year, 8-24-2006
Corinne Bailey Rae At Webster Hall , 8-24-2006
Jersey Boys 1 2, 8-24-2006
Oscar Peterson Just Under The Wire, 8-25-2006
Dont Mess With My Corinne Bailey Rae, 8-26-2006
The Wire Now Is The Time To Start Watching, 8-26-2006
The Emmys Who To Root AGAINST, 8-27-2006
Deadwood Out Not With A Bang, 8-28-2006
Popsurfing Through The Emmys, 8-28-2006
The Emmys A Meta Critique, 8-28-2006
The Magic Numbers At Joes Pub I Was There, 8-31-2006
This Film Is Not Yet Rated The Popsurfing Review 1 2, 9-1-2006
Meryl Streep Vs Helen Mirren, 9-4-2006
Pirates Cruising Towards 1 Billion, 9-4-2006
ABCs Lame Defense Over 9 11 Miniseries Controversy, 9-7-2006
The Bold Predictions Of Tom ONeil, 9-7-2006
Ellen Bad Idea Says Tom ONeil, 9-8-2006
Variety ABC Might Yank Miniseries, 9-8-2006
Dave Chappelle Loves Ohio, 9-12-2006
Dragons In Peter Jacksons Future, 9-12-2006
Hollywood Reporters Ray Richmond Thank God ABC Didnt Bow To Censorship, 9-12-2006
The Jersey Boys Keeps Breaking Records On Broadway, 9-12-2006
Race Baiting Survivor Begins Tonight, 9-13-2006
The Wire Begins Season Four, 9-13-2006
Billy Joel Smackdown, 9-18-2006
Where Is Ealing Studios When You Need Them, 9-19-2006
Book Roundup Abundance Ravens Gate and The Gallery, 9-29-2006
Regina Spektor At Town Hall, 9-29-2006
Martin Scorsese Foolishly Raising Expectations, 10-4-2006
Overnight TV Ratings Friday Night Lights Limps On, 10-4-2006
Evangelicals Hate Gilmore Girls, 10-5-2006
George Lucas Proves Again He Knows Nothing About Movies, 10-5-2006
Streisand Concert Tour Begins, 10-5-2006
Barry Manilow Shocker, 10-6-2006
Favorite Obscure Albums, 10-6-2006
Tower Records Is All But Dead, 10-7-2006
Enough With The Lists, 10-9-2006
How The NY Times Blew Their Big Entertainment Story Of The Day, 10-9-2006
Popularity Of Battlestar Galactica Plateaus, 10-10-2006
Borat and Jesus Camp, 10-11-2006
Fall TV Roundup 2006, 10-11-2006
Bookstore Sales Continue To Fall, 10-13-2006
Wheres Your American Flag, 10-13-2006
Poor Old Edward Whittemore, 10-14-2006
CBGBs Is Dead, 10-16-2006
The Coast Of Utopia Begins Previews, 10-16-2006
Who Backed Down Madonna Or NBC, 10-21-2006
Travel Writer Eric Newby Is Dead, 10-23-2006
Borat Tracking Lower Than Babel and Catch A Fire, 10-24-2006
NYT TV Coverage Same Old Song Becomes A Trend, 10-24-2006
Friday Night Lights Vs Studio 60, 10-25-2006
Madonna On Oprah, 10-26-2006
Daytime Soaps Are Dead, 10-27-2006
Network TV Has Lost Its Mind, 10-27-2006
New Battlestar Galactica Tonight, 10-27-2006
Newsflash Studios Release Oscar Hopefuls In Fall, 10-27-2006
Silly Article On Idol Album Sales, 10-27-2006
The NYT Analyzes Madonna and Bush, 10-27-2006
Borat Followup Sold To Universal For 425 Million, 10-30-2006
South Park Fracas, 10-30-2006
UKs Idol Show Ruining Christmas 1 Single Gambling, 10-30-2006
Mr Loaf Doth Contradict Himself, 11-1-2006
Is Airplane A Classic Film, 11-2-2006
Bat On Broadway, 11-3-2006
U2 Delivers Another Hits Package, 11-3-2006
Wall Street Journal Botches Story On Studio 60, 11-3-2006
Another Lesson For Borat, 11-6-2006
Box Office Prophets Maybe Not, 11-6-2006
Is Hollywood Getting Budget Conscious, 11-6-2006
Worlds Worst Poet Now A Playwright, 11-6-2006
Movie Shocker Wide Releases Are A Waste Of Money, 11-7-2006
FCCs Idiotic Rulings On Indecency Continue, 11-8-2006
Networks Say Goodbye To Reruns Jericho Will Get Lost Too, 11-8-2006
Gilmore Girls On The Brink, 11-9-2006
Elton John Needs To Go To Confession, 11-13-2006
Studio 60 Update, 11-14-2006
Heres A Movie Comedy Waiting To Be Made, 11-18-2006
Lloyd Cole In Concert, 11-18-2006
Ugly Betty Is Beginning To Annoy Me, 11-18-2006
Penguins Beat Bond, 11-19-2006
Hollywood Never Lost Its Audience, 11-20-2006
New Line Dumps Peter Jackson From The Hobbit, 11-20-2006
The Show That Killed Deadwood, 11-20-2006
Kit Carson Hero Or Villain, 11-21-2006
Robert Altman Is Dead, 11-21-2006
Bond Is Going To Set New Records, 11-27-2006
Comden And Green Reunite, 11-27-2006
Happy Feet The Review, 11-27-2006
Is Ian McEwen A Plagiarist, 11-28-2006
Jesse Jackson No More N Word, 11-28-2006
Who Is The Sean Connery of the Superman Franchise, 11-28-2006
Barney Bullies Drop Lawsuit, 11-29-2006
Neil Diamond Reteams With Producer Rick Rubin, 12-1-2006
Gilmore Girls Why Do I Keep Watching, 12-4-2006
Thomas Pynchon Sighting, 12-4-2006
Jennifer Hudson Is Not Showing Up Idol, 12-9-2006
Bibles Great Books Hard To Reach Author, 12-12-2006
Goerge Clooney Do Gooder, 12-12-2006
Save The NYTimes Bestseller List, 12-12-2006
Where Are TVs Megahits, 12-15-2006
Evil Bunny Strikes Again, 12-18-2006
Bad News For Broadway Record Box Office, 12-29-2006
The Movies I Saw In 2006, 1-1-2007
Is Indiana Jones 4 Really Happening, 1-2-2007
Downloadable Audio Books Catching On, 1-4-2007
DVD Format War Just Got Stupider, 1-5-2007
New Yorker Laments Bad Old Days Of Moviegoing, 1-5-2007
I Love Bull Riding, 1-8-2007
More DVD Confusion, 1-8-2007
Weekend Box Office Dreamgirls Chugging Along, 1-8-2007
Howard Stern Gets 83 Million Bonus, 1-9-2007
Scooby Doo Instant Ramen Noodles Guy Die, 1-9-2007
New Line To Peter Jackson Bugger Off, 1-11-2007
God Is Responsible For Massive Success Of Hannah Montana, 1-12-2007
Ken Burns At PBS Through 2022, 1-15-2007
May December Romances Sexy Or Silly, 1-15-2007
Will Lost End After Fourth Season, 1-15-2007
Scrubs Musical Episode Is Tonight, 1-17-2007
Should Muslims Object To 24, 1-18-2007
30 Rock Almost Certain To Get Second Season, 1-19-2007
OReilly Vs Colbert Its A Tie, 1-19-2007
The Oscar Nominations What Show Will They Make, 1-25-2007
Renee Richards Changing Her Mind, 2-2-2007
Best Movies Of 2006, 2-5-2007
Premiere Magazine For Sale, 2-5-2007
The NYTimes Looks Lost On Lost, 2-7-2007
And An Unhinged Astronaut Heaves A Sigh Of Relief, 2-8-2007
Cruise and Stiller As The Hardy Boys Turned Men, 2-13-2007
A Lear A Song A Coast A Trail And A Lyric, 2-14-2007
FCC Wants To Ban 24 Fro 8 PM, 2-15-2007
The 2007 Oscar Shorts, 2-19-2007
Craig Fergusons Britney Monologue, 2-20-2007
Are Oscar Winners Worth The Money, 2-22-2007
Taye Diggs Joins Greys Spinoff, 2-22-2007
Overnight TV Ratings Goodbye OC, 2-23-2007
Justice League Of America Worst Movie Idea Ever, 2-24-2007
New Age Guru Cage Fight, 2-24-2007
I Complain Because I Love, 2-25-2007
Jacques Brel Is Alive And Well And Living In New York, 2-26-2007
Oh Oscar, 2-27-2007
3 D Spreading To Concerts And Videos, 3-1-2007
Are You Looking Forward To That New Book By, 3-2-2007
Bjork Is Now Bjerk You Jerk, 3-2-2007
Bush Wants To Cancel 24, 3-2-2007
TV Quiz Show Scandal, 3-2-2007
Tom Cruise Movie Mogul, 3-4-2007
Premiere Magazine RIP, 3-16-2007
The Best Selling 200 Albums Of All Time, 3-16-2007
Best CDs Of 2006, 3-19-2007
Movie Box Office Is Exploding, 3-19-2007
Joe Roth Mocks Director Julie Taymor, 3-20-2007
What Is Happening To The Music Industry, 3-27-2007
King Hedley II At Signature, 4-1-2007
Are Subtitled Movies Mainstream, 4-11-2007
Advertisers Flee Imus, 4-30-2007
RIP NYCD, 6-30-2007
Back Door Slam Ann Hampton Callaway Two Concerts, 7-27-2007
The Most Cliched Line In History, 9-30-2007
Fred Claus, 10-10-2007
Springsteen at the Garden, 10-18-2007
Back Door Slam Return To Mercury Lounge, 11-3-2007
Yank WW II Musical Is A Real Find, 11-3-2007
Black Watch At St Anns Warehouse, 11-5-2007
Sufjan Stevens at BAM, 11-5-2007
Its Fiddy Cent By The Way, 11-14-2007
Should Ratatouille Go For The Best Picture Oscar, 11-29-2007
Oh Fuck, 12-12-2007
But Where Will The Hobbit Part I Stop, 12-18-2007
The Movies Books Theater Concerts CDs I Saw In 2007, 12-31-2007
Is The Golden Compass Franchise Alive, 1-2-2008
Best Movies of 2007, 1-25-2008
Back Door Slam Again Nicole Atkins Mike Leigh and the Blind Boys Of Alabama, 1-29-2008
Happy Days Fiona Shaw They Might be Giants, 2-4-2008
Best CDs of 2007, 2-11-2008
Weekend Wrapup The National Cheez Doodles the Beatles Stew and a Transvestite Comic, 2-26-2008
In Patagonia Where Lying Isnt So Bad, 3-11-2008
IRA Movie Awards 2008, 3-30-2008
X Files The Buzzless Movie Of The Summer, 7-25-2008
The Movies Books Theater Concerts CDs I Saw In 2008, 12-31-2008
Best CDs of 2008, 1-15-2009
Best Movies Of 2008, 1-25-2009
IRA Movie Awards 2009, 3-31-2009
Namechecked In Variety, 6-8-2009
Best Movies Of The Year 1924 To Present Master List, 7-16-2009