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After writing for a number of years at the New York Post, Michael Giltz jumped at the opportunity to write features and Sunday entertainment cover stories at New York’s other major tabloid paper. His features have ranged widely from music profiles of artists from every possible genre to features on Tony-winning Broadway shows like The Coast Of Utopia and Spring Awakening to interviews with the stars of Hollywood blockbusters like Ocean’s Thirteen. Michael Giltz has also written book reviews for the Daily News while covering TV, children’s theater, DVD news stories and major events like the Cannes Film Festival.

James Hunter Corinne Bailey Rae, 8-6-2006
Teddy Thompson Separate Ways, 8-13-2006
Paula Patton, 8-20-2006
Flushed Away Lassie, 8-27-2006
Apollo Theater facelift, 9-3-2006
Tony Goldwyn Last Kiss, 9-10-2006
Delroy Lindo Kidnapped, 9-17-2006
Chazz Palminteri Dito Montiel, 9-24-2006
KT Tunstall Wreckers Audra McDonald India Arie, 9-24-2006
Anthony Horowitz Leonard Maltin Alex Rider, 10-8-2006
John Cameron Mitchell Shortbus, 10-8-2006
Lewis Black, 10-15-2006
Vera Farmiga Departed, 10-22-2006
Christine Ebersole Grey Gardens, 10-29-2006
Dixie Chicks Shut Up And Sing, 10-29-2006
Penn Jillette on Borat, 10-29-2006
Christian Bale Harsh Times, 11-5-2006
For Your Consideration Christopher Guest Harry Shearer Catherine OHara Parker Posey Eugene Levy, 11-7-2006
History Boys Nicholas Hytner Samuel Barnett, 11-19-2006
DVDs Gift Guide, 11-26-2006
Kal Penn Van Wilder Namesake, 11-26-2006
Djimon Hounsou Blood Diamonds, 12-3-2006
Spring Awakening Duncan Sheik Steven Sater Michael Mayer, 12-10-2006
Thandie Newton Pursuit Happyness, 12-10-2006
Gideon Raff Killing Floor, 12-17-2006
We Are Marshall Matthew McConaughey Fox, 12-17-2006
Best DVDs 2006 Dazed Confused Saturday Night Live John Wayne Ford Brick Reds Office, 12-24-2006
Best Soundtracks 2006, 12-24-2006
High School Musical Corbin Bleu, 12-24-2006
Cedric Entertainer Code Name Cleaner, 12-31-2006
Christopher Paolini Eragon, 12-31-2006
American Idol Season Six Preview, 1-14-2007
Naked Brothers Laurie Berkner, 1-14-2007
TV Picks, 1-14-2007
Spring Awakening hit John Gallagher Jonathan Groff, 1-28-2007
TV Picks, 1-28-2007
Hannibal Rising Peter Webber movie sequels, 2-4-2007
Sexy Older Women, 2-4-2007
TV Picks, 2-4-2007
Jasmine Guy, 2-11-2007
TV Picks, 2-11-2007
Coast Of Utopia Ethan Hawke Jack OBrien, 2-18-2007
Rebecca Hall Alice Eve, 2-18-2007
TV Picks, 2-25-2007
David Hyde Pierce John Mahoney Kelsey Grammer, 3-4-2007
Namesake Kal Penn Mira Nair, 3-4-2007
TV Picks, 3-4-2007
TV Picks, 3-18-2007
TV Picks, 3-25-2007
Kevin Spacey, 4-8-2007
Mike White, 4-8-2007
Shia LaBeouf, 4-8-2007
TV Picks, 4-8-2007
Ryan Gosling, 4-15-2007
TV Picks, 4-29-2007
High Line Festival, 5-6-2007
TV Picks, 5-6-2007
TV Picks, 5-13-2007
Cannes Jerry Seinfeld, 5-18-2007
Cannes Michael Moore Sicko, 5-20-2007
TV Picks, 5-20-2007
Cannes Angelina Jolie, 5-23-2007
Cannes AmFar, 5-24-2007
Cannes wrapup, 5-27-2007
TV Picks, 5-27-2007
Cannes George Clooney Matt Damon Brad Pitt, 6-3-2007
TV Picks, 6-3-2007
TV Picks, 6-10-2007
Zoom starstudded movies, 6-10-2007
Cannes Angelina Jolie Michael Winterbottom DeDe Gardner, 6-17-2007
TV Picks, 6-24-2007
TV Picks, 7-1-2007
John Gallagher, 7-8-2007
Philip Glass Leonard Cohen, 7-8-2007
TV Picks, 7-8-2007
Bill Maher, 7-15-2007
TV Picks, 7-15-2007
Javier Bardem Goyas Ghosts, 7-22-2007
Maria McKee Kelly Willis Ann Hampton Callaway Liz McComb, 7-22-2007
TV Picks, 7-29-2007
Xanadu Kerry Butler Mary Testa, 7-29-2007
Walmartopia, 8-5-2007
Lance Bass Hairspray Kathleen Marshall Grease, 8-12-2007
Ethan Hawke Hottest State, 8-19-2007
TV Picks, 8-19-2007
Mr Woodcock, 8-20-2007
Eldar Fire Flies, 8-26-2007
TV Picks, 8-26-2007
TV Picks, 9-2-2007
TV Picks, 9-9-2007
Childrens theater, 9-16-2007
Gossip Girl Chace Crawford, 9-23-2007
Casey Affleck Gone Baby Gone, 10-14-2007
TV Picks, 10-21-2007
Duran Duran Simon Le Bon, 10-28-2007
Ron Livingston, 10-28-2007
TV Picks, 10-28-2007
TV Picks, 11-4-2007
Young Frankenstein Megan Mullally Andrea Martin Susan Stroman Sutton Foster, 11-4-2007
Cassandra Wilson, 11-11-2007
Lauren Ambrose, 11-18-2007
Mekhi Phifer, 11-18-2007
Kid party spaces, 11-24-2007
Javier Bardem No Country, 12-2-2007
Aimee Mann Darlene Love Kiki and Herb, 12-9-2007
Jason Lee Chipmunks, 12-9-2007
Tim Roth, 12-9-2007
Catherine Deneuve Persepolis, 12-16-2007
Cassandras Dream preview, 12-30-2007
Sharon Jones, 12-30-2007
TV Midseason preview, 12-30-2007
Terence Blanchard Katrina, 12-30-2007
Day Zero Elijah Wood, 1-6-2008
Home School Thank You letter, 1-6-2008
Home School sequel to The Graduate, 1-6-2008
Ice Cube, 1-6-2008
Signal The Escape, 1-6-2008
TV Picks, 1-6-2008
Back Door Slam BellX1 Nicole Atkins, 1-13-2008
Celebrity Book Club, 1-13-2008
Sway by Zachary Lazar, 1-13-2008
TV Picks, 1-13-2008
TV Picks, 1-20-2008
Whigs, 1-20-2008
TV Picks, 1-27-2008
They Might Be Giants, 1-27-2008
Wild Party revival, 1-27-2008
Things Ive Learned From Women Whove Dumped Me by Ben Karlin, 2-3-2008
Traces 7 Fingers, 2-3-2008
Black Hollies Black Mountain, 2-10-2008
Anton Yelchin Charlie Bartlett, 2-17-2008
High Crimes The Fate Of Everest by Michael Kodas, 2-17-2008
Soul Thief by Charles Baxter, 2-17-2008
John Flansburgh TMBG, 2-24-2008
Learners by Chip Kidd, 2-24-2008
NY Kids Film Festival, 2-24-2008
Yaphet Kotto, 2-24-2008
Hooters, 3-2-2008
Adding Machine, 3-16-2008
Zoom scary machines, 3-16-2008
Tyler Perry hits, 3-21-2008
Joshua Kendall, 3-23-2008
Laura Benanti Gypsy, 3-23-2008
Zoom spoofs, 3-23-2008
Zoom football, 3-30-2008
Horror remakes, 4-6-2008
Kung fu comedies, 4-6-2008
Savion Glover, 4-6-2008
Anthony Rapp, 4-13-2008
Morgan Spurlock, 4-13-2008
Zoom movie numbers, 4-13-2008
Gregory Gibson, 4-20-2008
Tribeca Film Festival, 4-20-2008
Zoom stoner comedies, 4-20-2008
Zoom babysitter movies, 5-4-2008
Zoom animal movies, 5-11-2008
Cannes Woody Allen, 5-18-2008
Zoom Assassins, 5-18-2008
Cannes Indy, 5-19-2008
Zoom car crashes, 5-25-2008
Cannes finale, 5-26-2008
Zoom Hairdresser movies, 6-1-2008
Zoom obsession movies, 6-8-2008
Verne Troyer, 6-15-2008
Zoom dad movies, 6-15-2008
Deborah Harry, 6-22-2008
Zoom robot movies, 6-29-2008
Bo Burnham, 7-27-2008
Zoom election movies, 7-27-2008
Zoom biker movies, 8-3-2008
Laurie Berkner, 8-10-2008
Zoom horror portal movies, 8-10-2008
City Island Andy Garcia, 8-17-2008
Zoom dumb sequels, 8-17-2008
Zoom college comedies, 8-24-2008
Zoom Italian movies, 8-31-2008
Zoom ugly marriage movies, 9-6-2008
Zoom annoying neighbor movies, 9-14-2008
Nikki Blonsky, 9-21-2008
Zoom soldier movies, 9-21-2008
Zoom inventor movies, 9-28-2008
Jonas Brothers concert film, 2-22-2009